Saturday, June 2, 2012

Where to Find the Best PHP Hosting?

When you're looking for the best PHP hosting, you need to make sure there are some things your hosting company will take care of. I will break them all down in this article.
Things to Consider When Looking For The Best PHP Hosting
Uptime: Up time is the time that your hosting company claims to be up and running. Some claim to have 100% up time but I personally believe that 100% is impossible to have. Even if you have a lot of back-up systems and safe guards to keep the electricity going if there should be a power shortage, there is always a small 0.01% chance that something can happen that will make everything go down. This is why I tend to keep with companies promising 99.9% up-time. It just seems more accurate.

CRON-job Support: This is very important if you plan to install some kind of blogging platform like WordPress, Joomla! or similar. The cron-job is what you can call a kind of service that you can set to run at a certain time. For example, if I run a WordPress blog and I want to go on vacation for 2 weeks but still want my blog readers to get fresh posts every other day. I can write my posts for the 2 coming weeks and then schedule them to drip every 2 - 3 days and my readers won't know that I'm taking a nap on a beach somewhere. Cron-jobs can be used to run scripts a number of times every day or in the middle of the night and so on, so you don't have to do it manually. Very good to have and is supported by most PHP hosting companies.
CPanel: This is a very good administration platform for managing your hosting. This is where you setup your website(s) by altering name servers(DNS), adding add-on domains, uploading files and monitoring the health of your website. There are a lot of tools in the CPanel which can be used for helping in SEO, setting up email accounts, email lists but also many other additions to help you run a successful PHP website.
Another thing that is not vital, but important, is to consider the environment. Most big hosting companies are running on green electricity so why not help earth a little and keep a look out for this too when you look for your best PHP hosting company.
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